Transformational Sessions/Satsangs

Satsang is Sanskrit: sat = true, sanga = company.

Chris at a satsang

A satsang with Chris Celine is an opportunity to listen to an awakened one speak directly, to imbibe in the ever-present radiating Love, and for those in attendance to have their hearts deepest questions answered in person. The satsangs focus on the Truth of Oneness.  The subject is always drawn from the hearts of the beloveds who feel called to be here in form. She is here for your comfort and healing. Please join us. For sesssion dates please go to our Calendar. You can also listen to our growing audio collection of recent satsangs with Chris Celine. All satsang recordings can now be downloaded as .mp3 files for listening on your digital audios devices.

DVDs and CDs


Chris Celine-Awakened Heart 1

Chris Celine talks about how being in the "I don't know"
works in everyday life.
57 minutes.
Watch a sample from this DVD.
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