The Prayer of Yes

Prayer of Yes

Oh, Divine Light, All That Is,

It is my deep, deep yearning to remember in complete fullness…
Our Oneness that is melting open my heart.
I give You my complete devotion.
I surrender my heart, my thoughts,
My full attention and intention.
Every breath, every cell…
My very existence within every moment
I give to Love.
I am all Yours, Dear God.
I am ready and I am wanting,
With every fiber of my being,
To live in the Truth of Our Magnificent and Perfect Oneness.
Yes… I am the Vessel of Love.
Yes… I am, in the Oneness with all Life; the ordinary magnificence of Love!
I surrender everything into the Gentle Arms of Love.
I want in every moment to bask in the Truth of our Adoration for All Life.
Oh my Dear God…
One Heart, One Breath.
Yes, I am, I am, I am.