Open the doorway. The vibration and healing power of these prayers are a reflection of my constant and complete Love for all of humanity. These prayers are the reflection of the opening of my own heart and awakening to the Truth of All Oneness. I offer them to you so that you too may enter and embrace the miracle of healing and remembering.

Prayer for me became the cord of Love. Prayer is the doorway to the gift of the miracle transforming all limited beliefs and perceived limitation. Prayer is the miraculous doorway expressing your intention and transmitting your yes... your choice to love, to remember, and to join in God's Will for you. Prayer sparks and calls you to the awareness that you are not separate from the Source of All Life. Your relationship to prayer, your yes, creates Divine Alchemy, allowing the transformation of hidden beliefs to be healed by the Power of Love.

Allow these prayers to speak for your heart, to unlock your willingness to have your life transformed, to enter deeply into the gentle journey of remembering. Prayer is the ladder of Love. Your heart calls and your intention opens to your deep desire to leave behind your belief in aloneness and separation and to remember your holiness. Prayer conveys that deep wanting to remember Love.

The purpose of prayer is to release the present from the seeming chains of past illusions, and to place the future into the Hands of God. As you use the prayers for the first time and express what you truly want, your prayer is received immediately. Before the words are even expressed, God has heard your yes and answered. Then the prayers become your own reminder of what you have said yes to. They will keep bringing you back to what you truly want bringing you into alignment with your True Self. With every prayer, every day the journey reveals a way of ease and peace, allowing the Spirit of Love to transform what you alone cannot do. Prayer is a stepping aside, a letting go, a release, and the opportunity to enter quietly and lovingly into communion with the Power of All Love - The Power of God.

I call you through these powerful prayers to lay down your dreams and to be free from the world of limitation, to awaken to your true beauty and perfection. With your intention and willingness, prayer can sustain you and open your heart to the blessings of miracles. Prayer is the doorway to the gift of the miracle.

The miracle... the Gift of God given to humanity

To let go of all illusions of separation,

To remember and come home to the place you never left.

As you awaken to the truth of who you have always been, you will find yourself gladly and willingly and lovingly expressing gratitude and wanting only to live within the beautiful communion of All Life, and your prayers become your song of love, sung in every moment, expressing your heart and extending your love.