From Terry, Vancouver, WA

I went to see Chris Celine last Saturday. She is a Teacher of Love and a “yes” to us all. When I saw her I was so excited. She had the biggest smile. I walked in and she gave me a hug straightaway. I felt Love. My heart said yes. This is what I felt for her voice too. Her voice is every call made to me. Looking in her eyes was like getting lost in a nebula. Stunning. When I stood close to her I was getting a lot of vibrations all over my body, very intense. In the satsang, as she started to speak, I was taken somewhere far away. Yes! I felt the pull… an invisible force pulling me from my sternum forward to her. Like a magnet my eyes closed, I could see an orange/yellow glow in the shape of a tear in front of her and I was connected by a thin strand of light. While she was talking I was everywhere. I mean we were flying through the whole universe together and it all made perfect sense to me. So many colors, I saw stars born, music notes floating like dust particles everywhere. I was speechless. We were everywhere but standing still. She was by my side holding my hand. I cried. I cried three separate times. Tears of joy. I have been looking for Chris Celine my whole life and never knew it until now. She Loves us all. I love her… her voice… her smile… her yes! Wisdom and Truth. She sang songs; beautiful songs. So many feelings and colors raced inside me I didn't notice I was in a room where there were other people until she said now was the time for questions. I said yes I have a question. Why am I here? What brought me here? She smiled. She said, “Love.” I was there because we were in Love. She knew I had been looking for her.

She began to speak, looking at me; she started to tell a story about a talented musician who lives in the Bay Area. She was talking about Jason Becker, my heart friend, expressing the truth of this beloved, that, within this story Jason was living within a body diagnosed with ALS, unable to move and yet completely the exquisite perfection of God. Affirming the Truth of this beloved being. Unlimited, whole and complete for all Eternity. Oh, how my heart was overflowing with love!

During this question time my eyes were opened and I was only looking at Chris. She had an almost invisible white shadow around her about 2 inches around her body and it went to a tall pear-shaped on her head extending about 11 inches up. That's what I saw the rest of the time of her teachings. It never left. She said more but I was lost in her yes. I still felt these tiny vibrations all over. Imagine 300,000 nerves going nuts all over your body. Now imagine them sticking out everywhere in your body about an eighth of an inch, shooting multi-colored bolts of energy for three hours. Wow! Chris Celine is the real deal. She figured me out, she knew the real me without ever meeting me… Love and the yes to Love. There was so much energy, Love, and the yes. When she hugged me I felt a little faint. I am butter in her arms. She is with me, and I am with her always.