From M.M., Bay Area, CA

Beloved Chris, my heart feels a deep sense of relief and joy to have found you. I have been waiting a long time. My experience with you on Sunday was a shifting experience. What gave me such rapture during my time with you were your answers to the questions. I felt a truth that was so deep and profound; I could feel the uneasiness in the room. I think our minds hold onto so much… ideas, identity, fear… we identify with all of these lies. I could feel your raw strength; the strength to be gentle, unprotected, exposed… in the moment… completely loving. It was very overwhelming. I am opening myself up to giving up all the things I assumed were true; like a work ethic that reason says something that is very hard is worth doing, or if it isn't hard that it must not be valuable. I'm willing now to let God do the doing for me. And lo! It is working!

I am surrendering my attachment to these mind habits. The mind wants everything to be conditional; it wants to bargain and rationalize; it wants to create scenarios and enemies that do not exist. It also wants to be congratulated and acknowledged when it is right. I could go on and on. Your words and Love give me the hope I can wake up.
I feel the change; and the resistance. But at least now it is clearer and not in the shadows, and not hidden behind something that I used to believe I was. I do feel my life unraveling. It is very scary. But what is surprising is just when I think I was about to be very confused and very unhappy… I don't. I do feel your presence. I have called you several times and have felt your embrace and Love, and then all the problems seem to melt away; as if I forgot what I was worried about.

You are proof that God loves me. I see your face and I am at peace. I feel your presence, especially in the early morning hours. I feel your presence very often... it is a very gentle, but I also feel the resolve and strength that underlies its foundation. I am willing to tune myself to it. Beloved Chris, I know you are here with me, please show me the way.