Linda Gardiner - Don't be Afraid

"There are truly no words to adequately express my complete gratitude to Chris, for the profound healing I received while living in the sanctuary and being in her blessed presence. I had prayed over and over for the Truth and when I found her website and listened to her satsang recordings, I recognized the Truth and knew I had to come to America to be with the teacher that had been sent to me.  So much fear (panic attacks) came up before I left Australia, but by the Grace of God (and I believe my willingness and my Yes)  I arrived in America.
I would have to write a book to describe the numerous healings I received and experienced, but one that I will share is the panic attacks. I lived in fear for most of my life. In the past, I would have to go to the hospital and be given Valium because I was so terrified.

In the healing balm of Love, Chris lead me into another way. I was held in the Divine Alchemy of healing; shown by Chris how this fear was my "no" to God and to life here on earth; here, in this moment, was the choice to remember Oneness. I accepted this teaching and began surrendering in a new way.  

I have had a couple of times since I returned to Australia where I could feel a panic attack coming on.  Now I plant my feet firmly on the ground and I say  "Yes" to being here in this temporary body and to the healing of all beliefs of limitation.  I say "Yes" to the Truth; I surrender whatever I am feeling coming through the belief of separation and the belief of unworthiness into the hands of God and a miracle occurs. I am returned to peace.
I asked Jesus to help me write a song so that I wouldn't be so afraid all the time.  A year after that I found Chris' teachings and I was able to incorporate her teachings of Love and finish the song.  It became a healing for me. I had great resistance to singing the words "I am the Christ". It became like a mantra to me and now I can sing those words easily. For me it is a song of comfort; the comfort of the Truth. 

If your heart is helped by this song of healing, please express your gratitude by making a donation to the Awakened Heart path. This Path of Light is completely supported by the generous donations of those who are receiving the healing gifts of Chris Celine"

-Linda Gardiner, June 2011


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