A Greeting From Chris Celine

Beloved and holy ones,

I am calling you to walk with ease and gentleness on the path of flower petals. I invite you to lay down your seeming defenses and allow the perceived wounds and pain and limitation of beliefs to be released into the soothing balm of Love's Compassion. Allow your heart to be opened to a new life... a life of an undefended heart. Your sole purpose here on earth, within this third dimension, is to awaken to the Truth of Love and to remember the holiness of your true self. I call you to step out of the illusion of limitation and fall in to the exquisite Arms of Love.

I am here to call all of humanity to awaken to the truth of ordinary magnificence. I hold you completely in the magnificent truth of who you truly are. What a joy and honor it is to transmit, through my heart, the precious beauty of who you have always been. I revel in your perfection... the eternal present presence of your perfection. The truth of your perfection is radiating in every atom of all life, and echoing the vibration of Pure Love.

Here within the Eternal Perfect Moment of Now, All of Love invites and beckons you to release all that you have perceived as holding you prisoner: all doubt, conflict, limitation, perceived separation, wars, opinions, and judgment. Allow the perceived wounds of the past to gently heal in the radiation of God's Ever Present Truth.

I offer you the Miracle of Love. The Miracle is yours, as you allow... as you say, "Yes, I am willing to release my opinions, my beliefs." The miracle can transform and heal all of those old tired ideas of separation. Allow my Love to unravel what stands in the way of Peace and Love. The Grace of God can use every moment within the limitation of time to bring into your awareness the Exquisite Truth of Love.

My dearest beloveds... I see the Truth of who you are and who you have always been. I revel in the one exquisite ordinary magnificent perfection that I see. The Truth of you is not hidden from my heart... our One Sacred Heart. I stand gently offering you the warmth and comfort of our Love, affirming your magnificence and your eternal innocence. And I promise and guarantee you a life of ease, safety, calm and complete uninhibited joy! And the form that is manifested will reflect your heart.

Open your heart to what has always been the truth of your perfection. I adore you and hold you within our One Sacred Heart.

My Eternal Love and Blessings,

Chris Celine